Benefits of Kaplankaya Living

Home Is Where the Six Senses Are:
The Benefits of Kaplankaya Living

Living in a Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya home awakens all your senses. From the moment you wake up to the sweet sounds of birds chirping and waves gently lapping at the shore, to the mouthwatering aromas of fresh coffee and breakfast being prepared by your private chef, living in this secluded paradise stimulates your senses in the most delightful ways.

Access to World-Class Wellness Facilities

Residents of the Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya have access to world-class wellness facilities right at their doorstep. The Six Senses Spa offers an array of holistic rejuvenation and pampering treatments administered by expert therapists using only the finest organic products.

Homeowners can also take advantage of the resort’s state-of-the-art fitness center featuring the latest Technogym equipment and regular yoga and meditation classes. There are indoor and outdoor pools for swimming laps or simply relaxing, as well as tennis courts for enjoying an invigorating game.

For those seeking an extra special experience, the Six Senses Integrated Wellness programs provide personalized multi-day retreats incorporating fitness, spa therapies, nutrition, and alternative healing experiences 

With world-class amenities dedicated to health and happiness just steps from home, Six Senses Kaplankaya residents have access to everything needed to feel fully alive and uplifted in mind, body and spirit. 

Six Senses Integrated Wellness programs

Exclusive Private Beaches and Recreation

The Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya offer homeowners exclusive access to the private and serene beaches and a variety of recreational activities.

Homeowners can enjoy sunbathing, swimming or kayaking whenever they like. The turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day under the sun. For those looking to stay active, the beach club offers exciting water sports like jet skiing, water skiing, diving, snorkelling and kids entertainment.

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Exclusive Private Beaches and Recreation

World-Class Wellness

The 10,000 sq. meters Six Senses Spa provides residents a peaceful sanctuary to rejuvenate the body and mind. 

An array of holistic treatments inspired by traditional Turkish practices are offered using only the freshest natural and organic ingredients. Residents can also work out at the fully-equipped gym or join yoga and meditation classes with stunning sea views.

With a wealth of recreational facilities and activities at their fingertips, homeowners will never experience a dull moment. 

The Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya offer a lifestyle of adventure, wellness, and beachfront bliss in an idyllic natural setting. An opportunity for an extraordinary life awaits at this seaside paradise.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Living

The Six Senses Residences at Kaplankaya offer homeowners an unparalleled opportunity to live sustainably in an eco-friendly community.

Sustainable Materials and Resources

The Six Senses team has meticulously selected high-quality, eco-friendly materials and resources for the residences and common areas. Homes feature reclaimed wood, natural stone, and other sustainable materials. 

The landscaping utilizes native plants that thrive in the Mediterranean climate, minimizing the need for excessive watering or maintenance.

Connecting with Nature

The Six Senses ethos is all about reconnecting people with themselves, the community and the natural world. Homeowners can start their day with a walk along the beach or through the olive groves. 

The infinity pool, spa, and fitness center all provide views of the stunning natural surroundings. Seasonal produce from the on-site organic garden is featured at the restaurants. 

A variety of activities, like yoga, stargazing, and learning about the local ecology, help residents unplug from technology and reconnect with nature.

The sustainable, eco-friendly design of Six Senses Residences at Kaplankaya allows homeowners to reduce their environmental footprint while enjoying an authentic connection to nature. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Living​

A Community of Open-Minded Neighbors

The Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya offer homeowners so much more than just a beautiful place to live – they gain an instant community. With open-minded neighbors who value wellness, sustainability and meaningful connections, the Six Senses lifestyle is shared by all.

Shared Values

The homeowners at Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya have a shared vision of what really matters in life. They value experiences over material goods, cherish time with loved ones, and aim to lead purposeful lives enriched by new discoveries every day. 

Neighbors connect over their common interests like yoga, organic gardening, artisanal cooking classes and environmental initiatives. 

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A Vibrant Social Scene

There is always something going on at Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya to bring neighbors together. Sunset socials, stargazing events, farmers markets and cultural festivals create opportunities for chance encounters and new relationships. 


A Shared Commitment to Wellness

The community spirit at Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya is unparalleled. Homeowners don’t just gain a home, they join a family of open-minded individuals who share life’s meaningful moments together. 

Personal connections and a vibrant social scene make every day feel like a celebration. A shared vision of wellness and purpose binds this special community where neighbors quickly become friends.

The Alchemy Bar

The Alchemy Bar​

Investment Opportunity and Rental Returns

Owning a home at Six Senses Residences Kaplankaya is an investment opportunity like no other. As one of the world’s premier wellness resort brands, Six Senses is renowned for creating unique, sustainable properties in stunning natural locations that attract affluent travelers seeking transformative experiences. Strong Rental Demand and Returns For homeowners not using their villa full-time, the Six Senses rental team can handle rental bookings and arrangements to generate revenue. With limited supply and strong demand, especially during peak summer months and holidays, nightly rates and occupancy levels are high. Homeowners can expect to earn a premium on their investment with Six Senses villa rental program.  The resort’s secluded setting, luxurious amenities, and focus on well-being draw an elite clientele willing to pay top rates for a life-enriching escape. Six Senses’ international marketing and PR campaigns across Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia are highly effective at attracting this affluent demographic. Being a property in the Six Senses portfolio, Kaplankaya is uniquely poised to benefit from this established network of high-end travel consumers captivated by the brand. Homeowners can have peace of mind their property is in good hands, generating income to provide years of enjoyment and financial returns. A purchase here is not just a home, but an investment in an unparalleled lifestyle and wellness experience that will stand the test of time.

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