Dining Experiences in Kaplankaya

Savor the Unforgettable: Dining Experiences at Kaplankaya

Embark on a culinary adventure like no other as you explore the extraordinary dining experiences in Kaplankaya. With a myriad of choices inspired by the flavors of the surrounding region, our restaurants offer a delightful fusion of Aegean, Mediterranean, and Pan-Asian influences. From tantalizing cocktails crafted by expert mixologists to seasonally inspired gourmet cuisine, that makes Kaplankaya truly exceptional.

Sage and Sea Restaurant and Bar

Immerse yourself in the flavors of the Aegean and Mediterranean with the restaurant’s delectable offerings. 

Start your day with an abundant traditional Turkish-style breakfast, featuring a delightful array of freshly baked bread, local cheeses, olives, and an assortment of mezes. Located on level one at Six Senses Kaplankaya, this restaurant provides a warm and inviting atmosphere with a bar that serves expertly crafted cocktails.

With uninterrupted views of the mesmerising Aegean Sea and the picturesque Bodrum peninsula, dining at Sage and Sea becomes an immersive experience that combines delectable cuisine with breathtaking surroundings.

Wild Thyme Restaurant and Bar

Indulge in a dining experience like no other as you savor exquisite flavors with a stunning Aegean Sea view.

Wild Thyme provides a gorgeous backdrop, overlooking the picturesque lounge-pool, where you can enjoy enchanting vistas that stretch across the Aegean to the Greek Islands and beyond.

Immerse yourself in a culinary journey with a quirky and modern twist on Pan-Asian cuisine. Delight in the artistry of fresh sushi, savor the aromatic warmth of soups, and sate your appetite with healthy vegetable dishes crafted from produce harvested right from our organic garden.

Ortakoy Beach Bar & Barbeque Grill

Experience casual dining at its finest, where the sun, sea, and a refreshing drink in hand create the perfect setting.

Take a seat with your toes in the sand and let the soothing sounds of seabirds serenade you at Ortakoy Beach Bar. This relaxed and inviting atmosphere is complemented by beach-style furniture, creating a laid-back oasis where you can truly unwind. Indulge in a culinary journey at the BBQ Grill, where locally influenced fresh and grilled items take center stage.

At this casual dining destination, you will find the ultimate combination of relaxation, delectable cuisine, and the beauty of sun-kissed shores.

Meze by the Sea Restaurant and Bar

Savor the taste of the sea at Meze by the Sea, where delicious seafood takes center stage. Indulge in a culinary journey of creative Aegean cuisine, featuring a daily selection of freshly caught fish that is expertly prepared and bursting with flavor.

Complement your seafood delights with a variety of handcrafted Turkish mezze plates, showcasing the rich and vibrant flavors of the region.

Anhinga by OD

This beachfront restaurant takes gastronomy to new heights, offering a powerful menu that showcases the best of Mediterranean cuisine. Located in a hidden and enchanting Aegean bay, Anhinga by OD provides a serene backdrop for indulging in gourmet delights.

Chef Osman Sezener brings his expertise and creativity to every dish, elevating the fine-dining experience to a whole new level. With boat services available between Türkbükü and Six Senses Kaplankaya, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch while embarking on a scenic coastal cruise, making your culinary journey even more memorable.

The Alchemy Bar

Embark on a unique and enriching journey as you step into the Alchemy Bar, where you have the opportunity to concoct your own culinary adventures.

This intimate setting features comfortable stools, an indoor vertical garden, and an experimental table that can accommodate up to 12 guests. The Alchemy Bar serves as a versatile space for cooking classes, Earth Lab demonstrations, and engaging workshops, allowing you to immerse yourself in hands-on experiences.

Family Beach Bar

Try out a delightful combination of grilled delicacies and fresh salads at our Grill & Fresh Salads station. Located at the Family beach, this open-air bar welcomes you with its laid-back beach-style furniture, creating a relaxed atmosphere perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal.

Sip on hand-crafted cocktails and mocktails while savoring healthy snacks and exploring the casual basket menu, offering a variety of tempting options to satisfy your cravings.

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