Kaplankaya lies on the fringes of the Mugla province, a beautiful region home to mountainous landscapes, coastal lowlands, protected bays and, of course, open seas. We not only benefit from a distinct cultural heritage but also diverse scenery, making us such a unique spot in the Mediterranean.


Where elements meet

Kaplankaya sits proudly on a headland in the Turkish Aegean with the Menderes delta to the north, Lake Bafa to the east and Bodrum to the southeast. The surrounding landscape is populated by white sand beaches and woods — perfect for hiking and biking — with countless possibilities for exploring.


Immersed in ancient history

Classical Greek temples, Roman ruins, Persian cities and the remains of two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World lie right at our doorstep. The Ruins of Ephesus known as the ‘first and greatest Metropolis in Asia’, the Temple of Apollo in Didyma and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus are all within close proximity.

A detail of Temple of Apollo in Didyma.
A detail of Temple of Apollo in Didyma.


Respect and positive development

Preserving the heritage of the region remain a big priority for us. Whether it’s by providing employment opportunities, fundraising for schools or creating a farmers market in the neighbouring village, we are determined to care for our wider region. We are making Kaplankaya a positive and engaging force in the world.