Privacy Policy


1. Preamble

This Privacy Policy Regarding Kaplankaya Website (“Policy”) has been prepared for the purposes of informing your side in which ways your personal data has been gathered, utilized, and shared by Kaplankaya Collective Housing Management (Kaplankaya Toplu Yapı Yönetimi) (“Kaplankaya”) as data supervisor of Kaplankaya Website (“Website”), rights vested with you thereof and ways to utilize these rights and processing of such rights in accordance with relevant legislation in particular Constitution of the Republic of Türkiye, international conventions that Republic of Türkiye is a party of and Statute of Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“KVKK”), EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and decisions of Personal Data Protection Authority.

You, by visiting and utilizing the Website (“Customer”) declare that you have read and agree to this Policy.

This Policy is applicable to Kaplankaya and all of its affiliates and group companies.

Protection of the Personal Data and observance of the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons whose personal data are collected are the basic principles of our Policy regarding the processing of the Personal Data. For this reason, we carry out all our activities in which Personal Data are processed, taking into account the protection of privacy, the confidentiality of communication, freedom of thought and belief, and the right to use effective legal remedies. In order to protect the Personal Data, we take all administrative and technical measures required by the nature of the relevant data in accordance with the legislation and current technology.

Kaplankaya reserves its right to amend the terms specified herein at any time without notice to the Customer. Such amendments shall be effective at the date of its publication. Customer agrees, declares and undertakes that following the latest version of this Policy is his/her responsibility, he/she shall visit this page whenever he/she visits the Website and he/she accepts and approves the up to date version of this Policy in advance.

2. Purposes Regarding the Process of Personal Data

This Policy has been prepared for the purpose of informing the guests who visit the Website regarding privacy and protection of their personal data within KVKK. Personal data of the guests visit the Website has been utilized in order to Kaplankaya to provide higher quality services. 

3. Gathered Personal Data

Guests’ following data have been gathered during their visit to the Website:

  • Data with regards to your electronic devices such as IP address.
  • Cookies that have been stored in the guests’ device during their visit to the Website. Please refer to our Cookies Policy for more information.
  • Data such as log records of your electronic device in order Kaplankaya to fulfill the guests’ requests, enhance and check Kaplankaya’s technical capabilities, improve Kaplankaya’s hardware and software technology and other services and, perform the legal requirements of Kaplankaya.

Also, by signing up to our newsletter following data has been gathered:

  • Name and surname
  • Electronic e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Subject
  • Message

4. Protection of Personal Data

The legal reasons behind processing the personal data by Kaplankaya are the exemptions for the express consent thereof as regulated under Articles 5.c, 5.ç, 5.e, and 5.f of the KVKK. Your personal data has been gathered, processed and transferred in accordance with the applicable legislation and for the reasons specified under Article 2 and 4 of this Policy. Kaplankaya may utilize the information that it obtained from its affiliates and vice versa for the sake of carrying out, presenting, making good, making it understand, privatizing, and marketing our services and opportunities that Kaplankaya and its affiliates offer. At the same time such personal data may be requested by the administration. As a result, personal data belongs to Customer may be transferred to the competent government agencies and institutions, private persons authorized by law, relevant administrative and judicial authorities in order to carry out and follow up judicial and administrative procedures, and Kaplankaya’s affiliates in order to fulfil Kaplankaya’s legal requirements under applicable law in accordance with procedures and principles specified in the relevant legislation and terms and purposes for the transfer of the personal data specified under Articles 8 and 9 of the KVKK. Nonetheless, Kaplankaya shall not transfer the personal data to the third parties other than those specified under Article 4 of this Policy and utilize the personal data for any purpose except for the ones specified under this Policy without express consent of the Customer. As a data owner by applying to Kaplankaya you have right request information whether your personal data are being processed or not and if your personal data has been processed request information thereof, learn the purpose for processing your personal data and whether such personal data has been processed in accordance with these purposes or not, have informed regarding the third persons that your personal data has been transferred to within the borders of Türkiye or abroad, request correction in case of your personal data has been processed incorrectly or incompletely, request to delete or destroy your personal data as per Article 7 of the KVKK, request to notify the third persons that your personal data has been transferred to as per Articles 11.d and 11.e of the KVKK, object to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems, and to request compensation for the damages that you have incurred due to processing of personal data contrary to law. You may apply to Kaplankaya via the address of “Bozbük Köyü No: 194 Kaplankaya Mevkii / Milas – Muğla” or [email protected] for the aforementioned rights. The Website may contain links to other external websites or information which are beyond the control of Kaplankaya. Kaplankaya, its affiliates or employees are not responsible for the content on any third-party website and connections thereof and such referrals shall not constitute approval of the Kaplankaya for the content of such third-party websites. Please refer to our Clarification Text and Policy Regarding Protection of Personal Data for more details and information regarding our technical and executive measures taken in order to protect your personal data and rights thereof.

5. Applicable Law and Competent Court

Turkish Law shall be applicable to interpretation, execution and resolution of the disputes that may arise between Customer and Kaplankaya. Milas Courts and Execution Offices shall be exclusively authorized to settle any disputes that may arise from or in connection with this Policy.