Our Story

If we could re-redesign a better world, what would it look like? In essence, this question has driven the evolution of Kaplankaya and created a place which connects you with who you love, where you are, and what you enjoy.

The Kaplankaya Project

Kaplankaya is an antidote to a fast, furious, and frantic urban life. Here you can slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the good life. Stay for a week, a season, or all year round. And get swept up in a fulfilling way of life. The Kaplankayan way of life.


Kaplankaya is an exploration in looking for better, not more. It’s an example that we can still enjoy the good things in life while taking care of the planet.

Fusing Anatolia’s history, Ottoman heritage, Turkish hospitality, and a secularist philosophy – eight principles guide our everyday work, conversations, and life…


Over the coming years Kaplankaya will evolve and develop according to the people with us and the world around us. Everything will be tailored to the individual needs of those in our community. This means offering further spaces to stay and live, opportunities to play and grow, and experiences to refuel and recharge.

8 principles guide our everyday work, conversations, and life


We believe in connected communities that care about each other and their surroundings.


If you look after the land, it will look after you. We preserve cultures and protect people.


You can find calm, and feel in tune, by surrounding yourself in natural beauty.


Building a strong sense of wellbeing develops a deep sense of satisfaction.


We promote flexibility and don’t live according to unnecessary binaries.


We’re always hunting for ways to spark imagination, interest, and impact.


Connecting with your true self comes comes from quietening life’s noise and outdated conditioning.


Slow down, take a breather, and enjoy the good life. A life on a different frequency.