Work and Residence Permit in Turkey

In 2022, Türkiye’s travel and tourism contributed 30% more to employment than anywhere else in the world.

Moving to a new country for work is an exciting adventure. It involves not just adapting to a new work environment, but also understanding and complying with immigration laws. Türkiye, with its unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures, thriving economy, and growing job market, has become an attractive destination for many seeking employment opportunities.

However, the process of obtaining a work visa or  residence permit can be complicated. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive guide to give you a clear, step-by-step understanding of how to successfully apply for a Turkish residence and work permit, making your transition to working in Türkiye as smooth and stress-free as possible.

residence permit in turkey

What are Residency and Work Permits?

Turkish Residence Permit

A residence permit in Turkey is essential for anyone wishing to stay in Türkiye for more than three months within a six-month period. This Turkey long term residence permit covers various purposes, including settlement, working, or studying. 

It’s more than just permission to stay; it opens up a range of possibilities for your life in Türkiye. 

With it, you can:

  • Live legally in Turkey
  • Study in Turkish institutions
  • Get married in Turkey
  • Convert your foreign driver’s license to a Turkish one
  • Obtain a tax number
  • Open a bank account
  • Purchase property
  • Buy property in Turkey and get residency

This permit ensures that your stay in Türkiye is legal, secure, and enriching.

Work Permit

For those visiting Türkiye with the goal of working, a work permit is a necessary document. It’s worth noting that a Turkey work permit also functions as a residence permit. This suggests that if you are approved for a short term residence permit in Turkey , you won’t need to apply for a residence permit separately.

There are a number of noteworthy advantages for work and residency in Turkey that are customized to meet your personal and professional requirements. 

work permit in turkey

Benefits of Permits

Turkish Residence Permit Benefits

  1. Legal Residency: As long as your stay complies with Turkish law, it gives you the legal right to stay in Türkiye longer than the usual tourist visa allows.
  2. Access to Services: You can:
  • Open a bank account
  • Get a tax number
  • Convert a foreign driver’s license to a Turkish one

And more that are otherwise inaccessible to non-residents, if you have a residence permit.

  1. Property Ownership: Turkey permanent residency by investment enables you to buy real estate in Turkey for personal or investment purposes.
  2. Educational Opportunities: You can enroll in Turkish educational institutions with this permit if you’re interested in studying.
  3. Social Integration: Having a residence permit makes it easier to integrate into Turkish society, as it signifies a long-term commitment to living in the country.

Work Permit Benefits

  1. Legal Employment: It legalizes your employment status in Türkiye, allowing you to work without facing legal penalties.
  2. Dual Functionality: By combining your living and working requirements into a single document, the work permit serves as both a residence permit and a simplified legal status in Türkiye.
  3. Social Security and Benefits: Under Turkish labor laws, if you are employed lawfully in Türkiye, you are entitled to social security benefits and protections.
  4. Security and Calm: Having the appropriate permits removes the anxiety and doubt brought on by questions about one’s legal status.
  5. Economic and Social Integration: A Turkey work visa makes it easier for you to integrate into Turkish society and the economy, making your time in Türkiye more complete and satisfying.
  6. Long-Term Planning: With the assurance that your stay in Türkiye is secure, you can make long-term plans for your personal and professional life with these permits.

How to Get Residence Permit in Turkey

Applying for residency and Turkey work visa requirements requires a comprehensive set of documents and adherence to specific procedures. 

Here is a detailed guide to everything you need for your application:

1. Residence Permit Application Form

This Turkish residence permit application form must be accurately filled out. It’s available online on the official website of the Directorate General of Migration Management in Turkey.

2. Four Biometric Photographs

Ensure these photographs meet Türkiye specific requirements: a white background, taken within the last six months, showing your current appearance.

3. Original Passport

Your passport should be valid for at least 60 days beyond the duration of the requested permit.

4. Notarized Copy of Passport or Travel Document

A notarized copy adds a layer of official verification to your passport or travel document.

5. Proof of Sufficient and Sustainable Financial Resources

This can include bank statements or documents that prove you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in Türkiye.

6. Evidence of Health Insurance

You need to have health insurance that is valid in Türkiye. It should cover the entire duration of your stay.

How to Get Work Permit in Turkey

1. Completed Work Visa Application Form

Ensure it’s accurately filled out with all the required information.

2. A Valid Passport

Your passport should have a validity of at least six months beyond your arrival date in Türkiye.

3. Two Biometric Photos

These should be recent (taken within the last six months) and adhere to biometric standards.

4. Police Clearance Certificate

This is to certify that you have no criminal record or ongoing legal issues.

5. Job Offer or Contract

The document must detail your job position, monthly salary, and contract duration.

6. Sworn or Officially Certified Translation of Diploma or Provisional Graduation Certificate

If your educational documents are not in Turkish, they require official translation.

7. Diploma or Provisional Graduation Equivalency Certificate

Obtain this in line with the Turkish Regulation on the Equivalence of Diplomas from Foreign Higher Education Institutions.

8. Medical Insurance

Your health insurance should cover the entire duration of your intended stay in Türkiye as a foreign worker.

9. Evidence of Accommodation in Turkey

This could be a rental agreement or proof of owning real estate property in Türkiye.

10. Proof of Booked Flight Tickets

This shows your travel arrangements into Türkiye.


Moving to Türkiye is a step towards experiencing a rich cultural tapestry, a vibrant lifestyle, and a unique professional environment.

Get the ultimate escape into sandy weather with a calm mind to find the key to a successful visa application. Türkiye offers tons of opportunities for growth and development, both personally and professionally. 

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