Cost of Buying Luxury Villas and Residences in Bodrum

Bodrum, once a peaceful fishing town, has transformed into Turkey’s top holiday destination, attracting city dwellers, global nomads, and European retirees.

Explore the real estate market in Bodrum, where a closer look at the statistics reveals a significant increase in the past decade, illustrating its notable evolution.. Have you ever considered owning property in this area?

Explore the costs of buying bespoke villas, residences, and homes in Bodrum. Gain insight into a distinctive lifestyle that harmoniously combines Aegean aesthetics with home comfort.

Different Properties in Bodrum

1. Charming Villas

The real estate scene in Bodrum is graced with quaint houses that offer a peaceful haven. This Bodrum villa for sale provides a cozy and tranquil setting that lets residents enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea that adorn the shoreline. This villa for sale in Bodrum , is a great option for anyone looking for a well-balanced combination of comfort and scenic beauty.

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2. Modern Apartments

Bodrum offers modern flats that are a monument to modern living for people looking for a comfortable and low-maintenance residence. These homes, which are designed with small families and people in mind, provide the ideal balance of flair and utility. Investing in a property for sale in Bodrum  guarantees a convenient and comfortable existence inside the embrace of this stunning seaside paradise, thanks to features that are designed to improve quality of life.

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3. Luxurious Beachfront Properties

Houses for sale in Bodrum entice individuals who have a taste for the best things in life. These apartments are the epitome of luxury, with direct access to the breathtaking beach. The luxurious coastal homes in Bodrum are a tribute to sophisticated living, fusing opulence with the surrounding natural beauty.

4. Spacious Land Plots

Bodrum offers vast land tracts that are a blank canvas with limitless opportunities for those who want to mold their thoughts or take on ambitious projects. These plots provide the room and flexibility to realize your dreams, whether they involve developing a property or building your ideal house. The real estate for sale in Bodrum  offers a distinctive chance for individuals who are innovative thinkers who want to add to the region’s changing architectural fabric.

Buy Property in Bodrum: Cost Comparison

Over the past ten years, Bodrum’s real estate market has seen a consistent uptick in value, positioning it as a favored destination for savvy investors. As per the data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, as of September 2021, the average cost of property in Bodrum hovers at approximately 4,400 Turkish Lira per square meter, which is about $490. It’s important to note that these prices can vary widely depending on factors like the property’s location, its architectural style, and other distinctive attributes.

1. Bedroom Apartments:

  • 1-Bedroom Apartment: The average cost of a 1-bedroom property for sale in Bodrum stands at approximately 77,222 TRY per square meter, according to Numbeo. This presents a viable option for those seeking a cozy dwelling with a taste of the Bodrum lifestyle without breaking the bank.
  • 3-Bedroom Villa: For those with a penchant for spacious luxury, a 3-bedroom villa for sale in Bodrum can start from 1.5 million TRY onwards. The wide spectrum of pricing allows investors to tailor their investment in Bodrum  to align with their preferences and budget.
  • Median Price: At present, the median apartment price in Bodrum stands at TRY 106,909 per square meter. This figure aligns with the growing trend of preferring smaller living areas that encapsulate the essence of modern living.

2. Houses in Bodrum:

  • Significant Discrepancy: Contrasting with apartment prices, the median house prices in Bodrum soar to 147,939 TRY per square meter. This significant difference underscores the higher value placed by families and investors on larger, more private living areas.
  • Investing in Space: The demand for houses in Bodrum indicates a preference for expansive and private living spaces, catering to those who seek not just a dwelling but an abode that offers room to grow and thrive.
  • Location Matters: Turgutreis, a picturesque gem in Bodrum’s vicinity, offers a distinct charm with its unique landscape. The cost dynamics here are influenced by the allure of spacious villas and proximity to Bodrum.

While Turgutreis may showcase a different pricing paradigm, the allure of a 3-bedroom villa in this locale becomes apparent. The juxtaposition of Bodrum and Turgutreis unveils the range of options available to investors based on their preferences and the ambiance they seek.

Investment in Bodrum: 4 Benefits

1. Mediterranean Lifestyle

Bodrum has a perpetually sunny climate that sculpts the region into a Mediterranean paradise where every day is enhanced by a brilliant azure sky. The sun-kissed lifestyle that the locals lead uplifts and revitalizes the soul.

2. Turquoise Seas

Bodrum is surrounded by the glistening Aegean Sea, which offers a captivating backdrop to day-to-day activities. Whether enjoying a peaceful stroll on the beach or participating in thrilling water sports, Bodrum’s blue oceans constitute an essential part of its way of life.

3. Versatile Property Choices

Bodrum’s real estate market caters to diverse preferences, offering charming apartments, Bodrum luxury villas for sale, and spacious land plots. Whether seeking modern efficiency or expansive privacy, residents can find their perfect abode in this coastal haven.

4. Affordability and Opulence

The real estate landscape balances affordability with opulence, ensuring that residents have the freedom to choose a lifestyle that aligns with their aspirations and budget.


If you’re considering investing in Bodrum, the time to act is now. 

With its escalating popularity and the surging demand for rental properties, it offers a myriad of opportunities for those looking to invest in property for sale in Bodrum. This picturesque locale not only promises a high return on investment but also presents a diverse portfolio of properties, catering to various tastes and investment scales.

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