Homeowner Association in Türkiye And How It Works.

Homeowner Associations in Türkiye operate under the Commonhold Property Law (“Kat Mülkiyeti Kanunu”) No. 634. When buying a residential property, the buyer agrees to follow the rules outlined in the Management Plan. The date on which the Management Plan was registered is stated on the title deed (property ownership certificate).

Buyers /property owners can obtain a copy of the Management Plan before the purchase or when they receive the title deed at the land registry. Management Plans typically contain standard language, though some developers draft customized plans to articulate their vision for the community.


For example, in Kaplankaya, we use a comprehensive Management Plan for our master-planned communities.


Overall, the Management Plan serves as a “constitution” between the homeowners, outlining rules on maintenance fees, building regulations, and community amenities. Following the Management Plan ensures a harmonious community with well-maintained common spaces and facilities. For buyers, understanding the Management Plan before purchasing can help ensure their lifestyle needs align with the community’s vision.


The maintenance fee and its calculation per independent unit are established in the Management Plan in compliance with applicable law. This due allows for regular maintenance and upkeep of common areas.


All owners are responsible for paying their portion of the maintenance due. In some cases, additional funds are required for repairs, maintenance projects, or general improvements. When this occurs, owners are expected to pay their share as decided through the same calculation process.

Owners are encouraged to engage with management regarding due structures and any special assessments. Transparency is key, so management should provide clear documentation detailing expense decisions requiring owner funding.

Owners have a right to request this information and an explanation of the rationale behind any expenditures.

An open line of communication benefits everyone. Management can explain the needs and priorities, while owners have an opportunity to ask questions, provide input, and ensure dues are being used appropriately. Working together, we can maintain the property to the highest standard while being good stewards of owner funds.

Proper budgeting and financial planning are key to maintaining a stable and enjoyable living environment for all residents. Timely payment of monthly or annual due helps ensure community resources are available when needed.

Non-staying residents are advised to prepay fees for a longer duration, like six months or a year. It allows management to cover operating costs in advance, regardless of an owner’s occupancy schedule. This avoids potential late fees and other issues that create difficulties for all parties.

Failure to meet financial obligations can result in penalties, legal action to collect unpaid dues, and other charges. In extreme cases where an owner becomes significantly delinquent, the association may authorize the sale of the property to satisfy the debt through the courts.

Therefore, responsible participation in the community’s financial upkeep by all owners benefits everyone. Cooperation between residents and management supports a sustainable and desirable living environment for years to come. Timely payments and proper budgeting allow community resources to be maintained and improved for the enjoyment of current and future residents alike.



Homeowners’ Association (HOA) services provide a wide range of essential amenities and upkeep to ensure the smooth functioning and running of common areas within a residential community. This includes the provision of security in a gated community, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of all residents.

Additionally, the HOA oversees the cleaning and maintenance of common areas, preserving a clean and pleasant environment for all residents of the community. Landscaping services are also managed by the HOA, ensuring that the outdoor spaces are well-maintained and aesthetically appealing.


Furthermore, the HOA takes responsibility for the maintenance and repair of common areas, sports fields, and beaches, ensuring that these facilities are in optimal condition for residents to enjoy. In cases of emergencies, the HOA may provide or coordinate emergency health services. Moreover, the HOA oversees the upkeep and maintenance of parking lots, roads, and traffic rules, ensuring that these areas are well-maintained and safe for all residents.


At Kaplankaya, we operate with a mission to build a safe and sustainable community for all. Our top priority is the health, happiness, and wellbeing of every resident.