Comparison of Property Prices in Bodrum Over the Years

Bodrum, a jewel in the crown of Türkiye’s coastal regions, stands as a testament to a harmonious blend of historical charm and contemporary allure. 

Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, Bodrum has long been a magnet in the real estate market in Turkey for those seeking a blend of serene coastal living and vibrant cultural experiences.

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Why is Buying a Property in Bodrum a Good Investment? 

Türkiye’s journey through 2023 has been marked by stark contrasts. On one hand, the country grappled with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in its southeast in February 2022, set against the challenges of an ailing economy.

On the other hand, it witnessed a remarkable resurgence in its tourism sector and the financial robustness of its premier airline. 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Türkiye noted a significant 71.1 percent surge in tourist arrivals, reaching 51.4 million in 2022. Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines celebrated a milestone with their highest first-quarter revenues ever reported.

1. Booming Tourism Industry

During the peak tourist season, Türkiye ranks just behind Greece in terms of visitor numbers. Notably, the Muğla province, encompassing popular destinations like Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye, stood as the fourth most visited location by foreign tourists, attracting 3.0 million international visitors.

The vibrant tourism industry in Bodrum is the main draw of the city. The demand for residential properties is greatly increased by this steady stream of tourists, both for extended stays and short-term getaways. 

The clear correlation between increasing tourism and rising real estate prices cannot be disputed. Buying property in Bodrum helps you embrace a way of life that is deep within the region’s rich cultural history and scenic beauty.

2. Economic Stability

The stability and resiliency of Türkiye’s economy are reflected in Bodrum’s economy. Bodrum offers relative stability in the face of shifting regional economic conditions, particularly in its real estate market.

This consistency plays a major role in drawing in investors. Bodrum’s real estate market shows an impressive blend of resilience and growth when compared to other areas of Türkiye and the Mediterranean. Here, properties are viewed as symbols of economic stability in addition to being valuable assets.

3. Investment Diversity

One of the most notable aspects of the Bodrum real estate market is its diversity. A wide spectrum of investors can purchase real estate in Bodrum. Bodrum’s real estate market is based on this diversity, which provides specialized solutions for a range of investment approaches.

Comparison of Property Prices in Bodrum

Villa prices in Bodrum vary significantly based on location and type. This comparison provides an insightful snapshot of the current real estate market in Bodrum, focusing on apartments and houses in specific areas.

  • Current Median Apartment Price: TRY 106,909 per square meter is the current median apartment price in Bodrum. This pricing range is in line with the desire for smaller living areas in an area renowned for fusing modernism and tradition.
  • Current Median House Price: The median house prices in Bodrum are significantly higher, coming in at TRY 147,939 per square meter. This discrepancy reflects the higher value that families and investors alike place on larger, more private living areas.

Area-Specific Analysis

1. Yalıkavak

Yalıkavak has experienced a notable surge in property prices, indicating its growing popularity as one of Bodrum’s most sought-after destinations.

  • Median Price: TRY 235,952 per square meter.
  • Year-to-Year Change: +8%

2. Gümüşlük

Property values in Gümüşlük have been steadily rising. People looking for a peaceful lifestyle combined with cultural diversity are drawn to this area.

  • Median Price: TRY 157,838 per square meter.
  • Year-to-Year Change: +6%

3. Göltürkbükü

Unexpectedly, Göltürkbükü shows a decline in real estate values. This might be explained by changes in the market or shifting consumer preferences in this upscale market.

  • Median Price: TRY 208,331per square meter.
  • Year-to-Year Change: -6%

The data suggests a dynamic and diverse real estate prices in Bodrum. Factors such as location, accessibility, local amenities, and the unique appeal of each area play a crucial role in determining property values. Bodrum’s attractiveness shows a location that offers not just a place to live but a quality of life that is both enriching and diverse.

How to Invest in Bodrum Properties

1. Title Deed (TAPU) Verification

  • Significance: In Turkey, the Title Deed, or TAPU, is an essential legal document. It is the formal documentation attesting to the rightful owner of a piece of land.
  • Clear Title: Make sure the property you are interested in has a clear and uncontested title deed before moving forward with any purchases. 
  • Expert Support: To help with this verification process, think about working with a trustworthy real estate agent in Bodrum or a local real estate lawyer.

2. Building Permit Confirmation

  • Need: To guarantee that any construction on the property conforms with zoning laws, building standards, and local regulations, a valid building permit is essential.
  • Verification Procedure: Make sure the building permit is authentic by asking to see it. The size, type, and use of this permit should correspond to the actual structure on the property.
  • Consequences: Purchasing real estate without a current building permit may result in fines and even demolition orders among other legal issues.

3. Land Registry Office Procedures

  • Registering Transactions: In Turkey, every real estate transaction needs to be duly registered at the local Land Registry Office, also known as Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü.
  • Transfer of Ownership Legally: Completing this step is essential to the ownership transfer legally. It guarantees that all applicable taxes and fees are paid and that the property is officially registered in your name.
  • Due Diligence: Make sure you visit the Land Registry Office to perform comprehensive due diligence.


The real estate landscape in Bodrum is as diverse and dynamic as the region itself, presenting a range of opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike. Each area within Bodrum has its own unique appeal and investment potential. 

Investing in Bodrum is not just about acquiring a piece of real estate; it’s about embracing a lifestyle and becoming part of a community that offers a blend of tradition, culture, and natural beauty. 

Contact us today if you are looking for a valuable property investment where you can experience the sun setting on the Aegean Coast.