Education and Schools in Bodrum

Bodrum has always valued education and building a better community in Türkiye. Therefore, there are numerous international schools in Bodrum.

This article is tailored for families considering or planning a move to Bodrum with kids, a beautiful and culturally rich region in Türkiye.

We understand the significance of education in shaping your child’s future, and through this post, The Six Senses Kaplankaya aims to provide an in-depth look into the schools in Bodrum!

education and schools in Bodrum

Understanding the Basics of Schooling in Bodrum

In fact, the total amount spent on education in 2021 was more than 344 billion Turkish Lira. This shows how committed the nation is to creating a better future for its citizens.


Why does the nation of Turkey require 12 years of education?

The primary and secondary education phases of Türkiye’s 12-year 4+4+4 program comprise the educational framework. Usually, children begin school at age five and graduate by age seventeen. 

All schools are required to have students wear uniforms. Students who successfully complete secondary education are awarded a Secondary School Diploma (Lise Diplomasi), which entitles them to sit for a national exam in order to gain admission to universities.

A thorough Turkish schooling journey from early childhood to the verge of adulthood is guaranteed by this system.

The Turkish academic calendar

The Turkish academic calendar typically spans from mid-September to mid-June, with a notable break in February. Unlike countries with a Christian tradition, Türkiye does not observe a Christmas break, reflecting its Muslim majority.

Bodrum and Its Education System

The Turkish education system is structured into several key stages for things to do in Bodrum with kids:

  1. Pre-primary Education:

    For children aged 3-6, this stage is optional and includes kindergartens and similar preparatory institutions focusing on early childhood development. It serves as an excellent introduction to the Turkish education system and language, particularly beneficial for expatriate children.
  2. Primary Education (İlköğretim):

    Mandatory for all children from the age of 6, primary education lasts for eight years. This stage lays the foundation in basic subjects. Primary education in Türkiye underwent a significant reform in 2012, split into four years of primary and four years of middle school. This stage is compulsory and free of charge, covering core subjects like:
  • Turkish
  • Math
  • Life knowledge

From the fourth grade, students start learning a second language such as:

  • English
  • German
  • French

Religious education in Bodrum is included but not compulsory for foreign students.

  1. Secondary Education (Ortaöğretim):

    Following primary education, secondary education also spans four years. Students aged 14 to 17 enter high schools in Turkey, which offer a full curriculum across different types of high schools to get pupils ready for opportunities in higher education or the workforce.
  • Düz Liseler (regular high schools)
  • Anatolian Schools
  • General
  • Vocational
  • Technical options
  1. Higher Education:

    A vast array of undergraduate and graduate programs are available at universities and other higher education establishments.

The educational system in Bodrum for kids, as well as the rest of Türkiye, places a strong emphasis on a balanced approach to social, intellectual, and cultural development.

There are private and public schools, and the private ones frequently provide the following:

  • International curriculum
  • Language instruction
education in Bodrum

State and Private Schools

In Türkiye, the education system comprises both private and state (public) schools, each with its distinct characteristics:

  1. State Schools: These are government-funded and do not charge tuition fees. The language of instruction is primarily Turkish. The Turkish Ministry of Education establishes the national curriculum, which is taught in state schools and covers a wide range of topics. For most residents, they are the go-to option and are widely available.
  1. Private Schools: In Türkiye, private schools frequently provide a more varied curriculum, which includes international courses like the
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • British GCSE and A-Levels

These schools usually have:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Modern facilities compared to state schools

The language of instruction in private schools can vary, with many offering English or bilingual options. However, private schooling comes with tuition fees, which can be substantial. Private schools in Türkiye offer benefits and situations like:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • More individualized attention
  • Higher fees.

International schools in Bodrum, often bilingual and following curriculum from other countries, are popular in larger cities. They tend to be expensive but align with the international standards of their affiliated organizations.


How to Select the Best School in Bodrum [9 Factors]

Selecting the best school for your child involves considering various factors:

  1. Curriculum: Choose a curriculum that aligns with your child’s learning style and your future plans, whether:
  • Local (Turkish)
  • International (like IB, British, or American)
  • Bilingual
  1. Location: Consider the school’s proximity to your home or workplace for convenience. Click here for a guide to understand how to buy a villa in Bodrum!
  1. Size and Facilities: Evaluate the:
  • School’s size
  • Class sizes
  • Available facilities such as:
  • Libraries
  • Sports facilities


  1. Language: Decide if you want your child to be educated in:
  • Turkish
  • English
  • Another language
  1. Cultural Fit: Take into account how your family’s values and expectations line up with the school’s culture.
  1. Extracurricular Activities: Seek out schools where your child can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.
  1. Fees and Budget: Make sure your budget and the school fees match.
  1. Reputation and Reviews: Look up the school’s standing and ask other parents for their opinions.
  1. Visit the School: You can gain a better understanding of the school by meeting with the teachers and checking out things like: 
  • Atmosphere
  • Ethos
  • Conduct
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schooling in bodrum

Last Words for Schools in Bodrum

Selecting the right educational path for your child in Bodrum involves a careful assessment of various factors. Each family’s needs are unique, and Bodrum offers a diverse range of educational opportunities to cater to these varying requirements. 

Bodrum is the perfect place to get settled and witness a brighter future! And when in Bodrum, a stay at Six Senses Kaplankaya is a perfect way to stay and live, play and grow, refuel and recharge. 

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