Moving to Turkey: Explore Helpful Tips

Are you considering moving to Turkey and asking yourself, “is Turkey a good place to live?” 

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Kaplankaya welcomes you to an in-depth exploration of the essentials of planning moving to Turkey – a land where the echoes of ancient history blend seamlessly with the rhythms of modern life. 

Moving to Turkey

Learning About Turkey Before Relocation

What language does Turkey speak?

 The primary language spoken in Türkiye is Turkish. It’s a rich and complex language, part of the Turkic language family.

Turkish uses the Latin alphabet, and it’s known for its vowel harmony and extensive use of suffixes. 

Life in Türkiye

Life in Türkiye is a vibrant blend of modern living and rich historical heritage.

The country’s culture is deeply influenced by its unique geographical position Turkish cuisine is renowned worldwide, featuring a variety of flavors from the:

  • Mediterranean
  • Middle Eastern
  • Central Asian
  • Balkan cuisines

Social Norms and Integration

Turkish attitudes towards foreigners are generally regarded as being hospitable and amiable to outsiders.

Especially in bigger cities where there is greater familiarity with a variety of cultures, people frequently find it simple to make friends and fit in with the local community.

But as with any move, it’s important to recognize and honor local traditions. This includes being mindful of:

  • Social norms
  • Dress codes
  • Religious practices

In rural and more conservative areas, it’s advisable to be particularly sensitive to local customs when moving to Turkey.

Living in Türkiye

Cost of Living in Türkiye

The cost of living in Turkey per month can vary significantly depending on the location and lifestyle.

Generally, it is considered more affordable compared to many Western countries. In cities like:

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Izmir

The cost of living is higher due to urban amenities and a higher demand for housing. Expenses such as:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Transportation

There are the primary components of the monthly budget when wanting to live in Turkey

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Major Turkish Cities

After deciding for moving to Turkey, you may need to learn cities to settle. Therefore, it may be useful to explore major cities.

Istanbul: A city that straddles two continents, Istanbul is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. The best place to live in Turkey offers historical landmarks like:

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Blue Mosque

Ankara: As the capital, Ankara has a more administrative and political atmosphere but also offers cultural sites like the:

  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
  • Ample parks
  • Green spaces

Izmir: Often regarded as one of the most liberal and vibrant cities in Türkiye, Izmir is known for its:

  • Rich history
  • Beautiful waterfront
  • Strong sense of community

Kaplankaya: A relatively newer region on the Aegean coast is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those seeking a serene and desirable lifestyle, with:

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Working in Türkiye

The job market in Türkiye offers various opportunities, especially in sectors like:

  • Tourism
  • Education (particularly English teaching)
  • Information technology
  • International trade

However, expatriates may face challenges such as language barriers and competition with local professionals. In the biggest Turkish cities like:

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Izmir

There are more opportunities in Turkey for expats and foreigners, particularly in companies with an international presence. 

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Doing Business in Türkiye

It can be profitable to do business in Türkiye, but you must be aware of the local business culture.

Turkish business practices heavily rely on relationships and trust. Business discussions frequently begin with more intimate discussions before getting down to business-related business. 

Retiring in Türkiye

Retiring in Türkiye is becoming increasingly popular among expatriates due to its affordable cost of living beauty. Duty free into Turkey coastal areas like:

  • Bodrum
  • Fethiye
  • Antalya

These places are particularly popular among retirees for their relaxed lifestyle and expatriate communities. 

When considering retirement, it’s important to research and plan for:

  • Residency requirements
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate investments

Retirement communities in Türkiye give foreigners a pleasant and interesting environment with a range of facilities and social events. For a seamless retirement process, it’s also important to investigate the tax and pension transfer laws.

It is essential to comprehend the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, no. 6458, and its regulations regarding visa requirements before making travel plans to Türkiye. The following are some crucial pointers and exclusions to remember:

General Visa Requirements

Here are the visa requirements and knowledge you need to possess, according to the Republic of Turkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

1. Travel Document Validity

Ensure that your passport (or travel document) is valid for at least 60 days beyond the duration of your:

This is a critical requirement for entry into Türkiye.

  • Example A: For a visa with a 90-day duration of stay, your passport should be valid for at least 150 days (90 days + 60 days) at the time of entry.
  • Example B: For a visa with a 30-day duration of stay, your passport should be valid for at least 90 days (30 days + 60 days) at the time of entry.

2. Exemptions and Special Cases:

Entry with National ID: Citizens from certain European countries can enter Türkiye using their national ID cards, bypassing the need for a passport. This is in line with the European Agreement on Regulations governing the Movement of Persons between Member States of the Council of Europe. Countries included are:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Georgia
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Greece

Validity of Expired Passports: Citizens of specific countries can enter Türkiye with recently expired passports:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Spain
  • Switzerland 
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal

Passports that expired within the last 5 years are considered valid.

Additional Tips:

  1. Check Latest Regulations: Always check the most recent travel, Turkey immigration, and visa regulations before planning your trip, as these can change.
  2. E-Visa Option: For many nationalities, Türkiye offers an e-Visa option, which can be a convenient and quick way to obtain a visa.
  3. Consult the Turkish Embassy/Consulate: If in doubt, or for the most accurate and up-to-date information, contact the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate.
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Moving to Turkey: Final Verdict

Remember, the key to a stress-free trip lies in understanding and adhering to these regulations. With your visa and travel documents sorted, you’re one step closer to experiencing the rich heritage of Türkiye. 

The Six Senses Kaplankaya in Türkiye offers a serene and peaceful lifestyle. When relocating to Türkiye, there is no better place to experience the culture of the Turkish nation.

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